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Rio Pro Portable Dab Rig

Rio Pro Portable Dab Rig

$160.00 Regular Price
$140.00Sale Price

The amazing and innovative Rio Portable Dab Rig in an all-inclusive dab rig with a built-in butane torch. This beauty is designed for cold-start dabs so you can load your room temperature dab into the banger and get dabbing right away. 

The Rio's built-in torch is right where it should be. It's perfectly aligned under the  quartz banger. Unlike a traditional dab rig that requires timing, you can do a cold-start dab with the Rio after about 15 seconds of butane heat. 

This unit comes with everything you need: a torch (minus the butane), quartz banger (14mm male), carb cap, dab tool, and nice zip-up case to put it all in when you're on the go. You also get silicone travel plugs with the Rio so you can keep the unit filled with water.  

The Rio is a fully modular portable dab rig that makes dabbing more convenient. With no battery and no coils, there's no problems or hassles. The Rio's resin base comes in an assortment of amazing swirled color designs. 

This is the upgraded Rio portable dab rig.  This new & improved version has a chic carb cap design, a sleeker banger, a modernized torch component, and a reinforced plastic case for added safety and security.

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